Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Smart city: what is it?

    What is a smart city? Everyone has their own ideas and their own definitions. It’s the same with the concept of the “smart city”: a portmanteau which allows everyone to choose their own meaning. That being said, the concept of a smart city became popular in the 2010s to describe cities with a particular interest in new information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve the services offered to their citizens or to adapt, as a city, to society’s changing needs in the digital age. In short: cities which are successfully making or trying to make the digital transition by seeking to best adapt to the social, economic and cultural changes brought about by these new information and communication technologies.

    Depending on the definition, the smart city can seek to benefit from new technologies to use its resources more efficiently, to support new forms of more sustainable mobility or to develop new systems of governance. The definition can also be simpler: a city which aims to create the framework conditions so that innovation can develop and new ideas can be tested in the region.

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  2. What is Pully Smart City?

    Pully Smart City is a dual response by the Town of Pully to the questions posed by new information and communication technologies (ICT): how are they used specifically to improve the daily life of the local population and what is the thinking behind them which leads to their use?

    The Pully Smart City website therefore consists of two parts: A presentation of the town’s projects which can be linked to the ongoing digitisation of our society. A presentation of the values which guide the town in its project development and management.