Lakefront - parking occupancy survey

During the summer of 2021, Pully is conducting a parking study on the eastern shores of the lake. Within the framework of this study, the parking lots of the area (the parking lots of the swimming pool, the STAP, the STEP and the Quai Milliquet representing a total of 355 spaces) will be equipped with cameras to detect the occupation of the spaces between mid-June and the end of July 2021.

These cameras are only intended to measure parking occupancy for study purposes. They will not be used for parking control, video surveillance or enforcement purposes. In order to guarantee the protection of personal data, a "masking" function is integrated into the camera and blacks out all areas that are not relevant to the study. Moreover, the collected images are blurred (impossible to identify a license plate or a face). Finally, the images are automatically deleted after analysis.

The purpose of this survey is to know the occupancy rate and the user profile of the parking lots (commuters, short-term visitors, etc.), especially during the opening period of the swimming pool. The videos of the parking lots are processed by an algorithm that identifies the presence or absence of a vehicle in each space.

In addition, as part of a research project at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale), the Urban Transport Systems Laboratory proposed to the city of Pully to conduct a mobility measurement test using drones. According to this proposal, the EPFL would carry out the drone flights at the same time as the camera surveys, the idea being to be able to compare the two methods and their results. The drone flights will be done on 1 or 2 Sundays and 1 day during the week. Here again, all measures will be taken to ensure complete protection of personal data.

In addition to obtaining complementary data for the parking study on the lake shore, this project proposes a new approach for the digital Mobility Observatory in Pully.