Tickets by text message to enter the pool more quickly

Swimming enthusiasts no longer need to line up at the Pully-Plage pool. For the last two years, the Municipality has set up a system for purchasing tickets by text message. The waiting time at the cash register is now reduced on busy days, especially summer weekends.

As of 2016, access to Pully-Plage can be done with a smartphone. To do this, simply send a text message to 350 with the words “child” or “adult.” The resident then receives a link with a QR code to scan at the entrance gate. Directly charged to the user’s phone bill, this amount is of course the same as that paid at the desk (3.00 CHF for children, 6.00 CHF for adults).

The costs of sending this QR code are fully covered by the civil service, which then refunds the amount of the text messages to the various telephone operators. The implementation of the e-ticket system represented an investment of CHF 23,000.00 for the City of Pully. In addition to faster access to the pool, the ultimate goal is to save human resources by limiting how often an additional register has to be opened. Employees will be able to devote themselves to other jobs that are more useful to the smooth operation of the pool and customer service.