Under consideration : Centralized information center

A virtual ticket counter to inform and centralize

In 2015, a field study was conducted by the Department of Youth, Social Affairs and Public Safety (DJAS) with the collaboration of community/volunteer partners and various Pully clubs to assess the opportunity to create a sociocultural facility in Pully. When this process was complete, the creation of such a facility did not seem to be essential in the immediate future. Pully residents – especially senior citizens – are more aware of the need for access to information, to improve the visibility of existing activities and the potential development of new activities in neighborhoods.

The selection of events and activities is extensive in Pully. However, it is crucial to structure it by strengthening synergies between local participants (sports clubs, seniors’ associations, gaming companies), in order to target the efforts and make the activities being offered more visible. This is the mission of the centralized information center that is offering to set up the DJAS. This communal information counter for the population could also function as a way of supporting the associations’ communication: notably through its online calendar (e-calendar), the Pully center will enhance the existing sociocultural offerings by supporting community initiatives, which are sources of entertainment in the neighborhoods. This digital tool would bring together all the activities organised by local stakeholders, for example by defining the boundaries of the areas in which the activities take place, over a defined date range. At the counter, information for older people could be more focused on their needs.

The goal of the Civil Service is in no way to replace the local participants but simply to support them in the coordination and visibility of their actions. The centralized information center could, eventually, also allow clubs, societies and associations to find, for example, information on places available in the neighborhood to meet more easily or to organize their activities.