Municipal e-commerce

A new way of promoting the City’s products

The City of Pully is breaking new ground with an online shop that makes it easier to sell products from its terroir. The e-boutique aims to optimize the sale of products from the lumber and winemaking industries. For the sale of wine, it has been operational since 2017, and it will be operational in 2018 for the sale of wood.

Although the reasons for selling wood and wine are different, the easy-to-order solution for our customers is the same: an online shop. In fact, when they are not working in the forest, the City of Pully’s forestry workers/loggers make a large number of by-products, such as bundles of firewood, chips, and furniture crafted from forest lumber, in particular. As for winemaking, its four hectares of vines allow for the production and sale of more than 35,000 bottles of wine a year, representing a significant financial stake.

The e-commerce project was started in 2015 to make it easier to purchase wine. Previously, the customer could only view the catalog of goods on the Municipality’s site, express interest by e-mail, and then go to the City’s sales counter to pay and pick up their order. On the new site, the customer chooses products, fills their shopping cart, and pays the bill in a few clicks, securely, with their credit card.

Since then, sales of bottles via the platform have steadily increased. The City’s wine, which is part of Pully’s identity and heritage, is a product that is greatly appreciated by locals. The proof: the municipal cellar is emptied every year!