E-postulation [E-Application]

A platform to optimize how applications are managed

As of 2015, positions that open in the municipal civil service are available online. This platform, open to both existing job postings and unsolicited applications, helps to improve the flow of files between departments and speed up the recruitment process.

As early as 2015, Pully had introduced the e-application system. Since then, the civil service’s job offers have been published on a platform linked to the City’s website, and candidates are encouraged to apply online. They respond to the posting by completing a form and uploading a CV, cover letter, certificates, and diplomas directly onto the server.

While the platform simplifies application procedures, it also offers new features for human resources: unlike paper files – which must circulate between the various departments – electronic applications can be seen in the system by all heads of recruitment. Managers and department heads therefore have the ability to process and annotate online records. The result is a more structured management, which makes it possible to respond more quickly to requests. Not to mention that, unlike paper files, e-applications help to considerably reduce printing and mailing costs. 

Another advantage of the platform for job seekers and HR departments is that it allows submitted files to be stored, subject to the candidate’s prior agreement. Thus, when a new position opens, it is possible to query the database in order to find among the existing applications the profile that has the required qualifications.