Connection to the fiber optic network

At the end of 2020, Pully called upon Swiss4net to develop a FTTH (fiber to the home) network open to competition between service providers and covering the entire city territory. This ultra-modern network (this technology offers the best performance to date) will considerably increase the Internet services available to the population of Pully.

At the end of the next three to five years, the city of Pully will therefore benefit from a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) telecommunications network, which will equip every home and business. Within the framework of this long-term partnership, the Swiss company Swiss4net will finance, build and operate this new FTTH network, which will be accessible to all interested telecommunications operators. Swiss4net is not acting as an operator (hence the fact that it is unknown to the general public), but as a builder and operator of FTTH networks. Swiss4net's network will be open to all telecom service providers who wish to use it (Salt, Sunrise, VTX, etc.).

As a specialist in the construction, operation and financing of reliable and efficient FTTH fiber optic networks, Swiss4net has already financed, implemented and operated FTTH networks in several major Swiss cities. Construction of the FTTH network in Pully has begun. At the same time, each property owner is now being offered a free connection, which they can of course accept or refuse.

The city of Pully will make available to Swiss4net its network of underground pipes for the laying of the fibers on the public domain. These fibers deployed by Swiss4net will be routed through the pipes of the electricity network, in exchange for a fee. Approximately 4 km of conduits will have to be installed for this purpose.

The detailed planning phase for the construction of the network is now underway. The work will has started and will probably take three to five years. For this purpose, Swiss4net has created a local operating company, Pully4net, which will be responsible for the entire construction and subsequent operation of the fiber optic network.

In other words, the population of Pully will be able to benefit from ultra-fast internet as well as state-of-the-art television and telephone services from national and regional providers on the fiber optic network, always with a choice of provider.