School mobility

Inventory and drone surveys

In autumn 2023, the town of Pully will be carrying out a mobility study in the vicinity of the Chamblandes secondary school. To this end, the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the company MobiLysis have been commissioned to carry out a survey using drones.


In the vicinity of the Chamblandes secondary school and the Unité d’accueil pour écoliers (hereafter UAPE), the drop-off and pick-up phases - in the morning, at midday, in the early afternoon and at the end of the afternoon - are perceived by many users as complicated.

These four times of the day last between 15 and 30 minutes and involve parents bringing their children by private car, pupils coming on foot or on the pedibus, by bike, on scooters or even by bus. This can lead to dangerous situations, overuse of private parking spaces and public space, inconvenience for local residents and hinder mobility on the C.F. Ramuz axis.

More generally, the issue of mobility in the vicinity of schools in Pully has generated letters, several petitions and even interpellations to the Municipal Council.

What's more, a number of school site extensions are under study, in progress or just completed, all of which adds to the problems mentioned above.

Survey by drone

There are probably many ways of solving, or at least mitigating, this problem. They may focus on communication, organisation or even reorganisation of the public domain. However, before any solutions can be considered, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the events in order to be able to make a diagnosis.

To this end, the EPFL and the EPFL's spin-off MobiLysis have been commissioned to carry out a survey using drones in order to :

- obtain an overview of the situation ;

- document mobility phenomena objectively;

- establish an initial diagnosis;

- acquire the basic data needed to propose solutions.

The scope of the study includes the Chemin de Carvalho, the Carvalho-Ramuz junction and the UAPE at Ramuz 73. The flight will take place one day in November 2023, depending on the weather conditions.  Two small drones of the DJI Mini 3 type (see image opposite) will fly over the area.

Data protection

Because of the flight altitude and camera resolution, the images cannot be used to read number plates or recognise faces. In addition, this project has been authorised by the Vaud Data Protection Officer (see opposite right). The management of the Chamblandes secondary school and the UAPE have been informed of the project.