Launched in September 2017, Archéoweb ( is a digital platform that allows you to deepen your knowledge of the Roman era. Developed by the ArchéoLab team, this interface offers on the one hand a story with pictures especially designed for children and, on the other hand, detailed information to learn more about the Roman Villa of Pully and life in Roman times. Archéoweb encourages you to extend your visit, whether in the museum thanks to iPads for visitors or afterwards, when you return home.

Special for children : Clemence and Tristan's time travel

In a few clicks, thanks to a playful scenario created by Christine Pompeï, author of Les enquêtes de Maëlys, the little guest is led through time travel, landing in Roman times with Clemence and Tristan, in search of their dog Réglisse.

Filled with short games and films, the story entitled Le secret de Réglisse gives a concrete idea of what daily life was like in a villa in the Roman times. Which games were the little Romans playing at? What were they cooking? How did they dress? What was the bathing ritual? What did the many wall paintings mean? All these answers can be found  in a friendly animated story (suitable from 3 years old).

Le secret de Réglisse © Drawing : Myrtille / ArchéoLab 2017, DR

Discovering the Roman Villa....

The ArchéoLab house shows the remains of a palace built in the Hadrian era (1st-2nd century AD) and discovered in the 1970s. This villa and the everyday objects discovered during the excavations are a perfect example of the Roman way of life.

Archéoweb invites you to learn more about the history of the villa (from Antiquity to the present day) and its discovery. You can find detailed explanations of the way of life in Roman times: architecture, religion, leisure, etc.