Working remotely

Telecommuting has opened up to civil service employees

Technological advances, remote access to e-mail and servers, and the dematerialization of documents have all made telecommuting possible. In an effort to be open, the City of Pully now offers telecommuting agreements to its employees – implemented on a case-by-case basis.

The emergence of telecommuting in Pully goes hand in hand with the changes in digital technology: remote access has made it possible to develop this model within the civil service. Today, it is also a response to the needs of the market: being more connected, the new generation has adopted new ways of operating and does more in-network work. Therefore, the Municipality must be competitive to continue to attract good candidates. Providing telecommuting agreements is an advantage for recruitment.

It is important to distinguish between “telecommuting” and “home office” work. When planned, the former involves a fixed weekly percentage and is covered by a signed agreement. It helps address transportation-related problems (commuter travel) or offers the employee the opportunity to focus on specific projects. As for home office work, it is done on an exceptional basis: it can, for example, be requested occasionally to study a complex file or prepare for a session outside the hustle and bustle of the office.

Please note that telecommuting nevertheless remains reserved for only a segment of employees: it cannot be demanded and, of course, does not apply to all trades, such as those requiring a presence in the field.