Electronic invoice management

Towards a gradual digitization of financial processes within the Municipality

Pully recently changed accounting software. The new tool provides a global view of the City’s account system and is proving to be a valuable ally in steering the civil service’s finances, for example by greatly simplifying the payment processes.

The application allows you to control all the internal financial aspects of the City.

Here’s a concrete example: The implementation of electronic visas at the civil service level. Currently, suppliers’ invoices are circulated digitally in the departments and the visas are affixed digitally. The statuses of the invoices – pending, approved, denied – are visible at all times, which provides greater transparency. And since the whole process is automated, there is no need to check visas afterwards.

The next steps: approval of invoices from employees’ smartphones and an e-invoice system for all services offered by the Municipality to its residents. This is a solution that will reduce the City’s ecological impact, since it will limit how much paper is printed.